The Need

Thabo wants to look & feel better.
Thabo decides to join “Big Muscle” gym.

Membership Sign-up

In order to become a member of the gym,
he needs to sign a contract and promise to
pay the monthly membership fee.

Contract Beginning

The new contract info is sent
to the bank or credit provider where
“Big Muscle” has their business account.

Consumer Confirmation

Thabo confirms, with a machine or phone,
the debit order info
with his bank or credit provider.

Consumer Request

Thabo receives a message
from his bank or credit provider
to confirm, himself, that the
debit order info is correct.

Contract Creation

A contract is created on Thabo’s
account, but not before the bank
or credit provider checks with him first.

Debit Order Confirmation

Thabo and “Big Muscle” gym now
have a valid & confirmed order

Debit Order Submission

On a monthly basis the debit order
is submitted to Thabo’s bank
or service provider.

Debit Order Checking

Thabo’s bank or service provider
checks the debit order info before the
money is taken from his account.


The money will be taken
if the debit order is within
the terms of the contract.


The money will not be taken
if the debit order is outside the
terms of the contract.


If the conditions of the
contract have changed,
the money will not be taken,
and Thabo must confirm
the debit order again.