Why DebiCheck

Most South Africans agree that debit orders are a convenient way to pay their accounts. However, over the past number of years, debit order abuse has become a major issue in South Africa. There has been bad behaviour by some companies that process invalid debit orders to consumer bank accounts. In addition, there are consumers that avoid paying valid debit orders by unfairly arguing them with their banks.

As a result, the South African Reserve Bank has asked PASA, which includes the South African banks, to find a solution. And so, DebiCheck was introduced. A DebiCheck debit order is a new debit order electronically confirmed by you, with your bank or service provider, on a once-off basis, at the start of a new contract that you have signed with a company.

This means that your bank will now know the details of what you have agreed to and will not allow your DebiCheck to be processed outside the terms that you have confirmed. With DebiCheck, you will be in control. To help make DebiCheck work for you, you must ensure that your bank has your correct cell phone number.

DebiCheck was launched in 2017 and continues to be rolled out in a phased approach. Many companies or service providers have chosen to adopt DebiCheck and will continue to do so over time. Therefore, not all your new debit orders will be affected at the same time. A DebiCheck debit order will not replace an existing debit order.