• Will my bank send me a link to confirm DebiCheck debit order or ask me to send my bank details, card PIN or password?

    No, your bank will never send you a link or ask that you provide your card PIN, password or personal details. You must always keep these safe. A request like this may be a form of phishing. If you are worried, please check with your bank.

  • Is DebiCheck safe to use?

    The Debicheck system was designed by banks and according to the prescribed industry standards. The system is therefore secure. Your bank will communicate how you can securely and electronically confirm your debit orders. You will therefore need to ensure that your bank has your updated cell phone number and that all your contact details with the bank are up to date.

  • Will DebiCheck allow me to cancel my debit order?

    You will be able to suspend your DebiCheck debit order with your bank, which means the debit order will not be processed to your account in future. You should still contact your service provider to confirm that you are cancelling the debit order though. Suspending the debit order with your bank does not cancel the contract that you have. This is something that would have to be done directly with the company.

  • Is it a new type of debit order?

    Yes, DebiCheck is a new type of debit order. It is a debit order which you have electronically confirmed the debit order information, with your bank.

  • Will it require extra effort and time?

    Yes. It will require you to check the message that your bank sends you to ensure the debit order information is correct and then to confirm the information in the way your bank requires. It may be as simple as pressing confirm on your banking app, typing in a ‘1’ on a USSD string or typing in a code on your cellphone. The way in which you can confirm your DebiCheck debit order will be communicated to you by your bank. It is therefore important that your contact details, especially your cellphone number, is up to date with your bank.

  • Why is it important for the bank to have my correct cellphone number?

    Although not the only way, one of the primary means of contacting you to perform a DebiCheck confirmation will likely be through your cellphone. Remember, DebiCheck is all about putting you in control and allowing you to confirm your DebiCheck debit orders directly with your bank. For this to happen, your bank has to know which number to contact you on.

  • Will I have to go into the bank branch to do a DebiCheck confirmation?

    Not necessarily. You will be able to go to your branch, but you won’t HAVE to. Your bank will make a number of options available for you to electronically confirm your DebiCheck debit order, for example on your cellphone or internet banking. .

  • How will it work?

    Not necessarily. You will be able to go to your branch, but you won’t HAVE to. Your bank will make a number of options available for you to electronically confirm your DebiCheck debit order, for example on your cellphone or internet banking. .

  • How much is it going to disturb me during work?

    DebiCheck only requires your confirmation once off, at the start of the contract or when the confirmed information changes afterwards. You won’t need to confirm the details every month. Therefore, it really won’t be a disturbance at all.

  • Do I have to confirm my DebiCheck every month?

    No, only at the start of your contract. Or, if any of the information you confirmed originally, changes.

  • Why do I need to confirm my debit order again if I have already signed a contract with the service provider?

    DebiCheck allows you to confirm the details of your debit order with your bank, which in turn allows your bank to know what you have confirmed. Your bank will therefore be able to verify the debit order information before the debit order is processed to your account.

  • Does it mean that if the company does not participate in DebiCheck, I will not be protected?

    No, as a consumer, you are always protected. Irrespective of the type of debit order, there always has to be a mandate in place that you have agreed to.

  • Where can I find more information about DebiCheck?

    You can contact your bank or go to www.debicheck.co.za for more information.

  • Is this another service provided by the bank?

    DebiCheck is a type of debit order and is a bank product, used by companies and consumers.

  • Is there a mobile application for DebiCheck?

    No, there is no separate mobile application for DebiCheck.

  • Is it similar to RICA and FICA?

    No, this is not similar to RICA or FICA. Although, if your bank does not have your correct cellphone number, it may cause some difficultly. Therefore, please ensure that your details are up to date with your bank. It is in your best interest and will ensure that it is easy to confirm a new DebiCheck debit order.

  • Is DebiCheck a third party between me and the bank?

    No DebiCheck is not a separate company / third party. DebiCheck is the name of a new type of debit order that was developed by the South African banks.

  • Why is DebiCheck being introduced?

    Over the last few years, there has been an increase of debit orders being processed to bank accounts without permission (a mandate) from consumers. On the other hand, consumers who dispute debit orders that do have valid mandates, has also increased, which has become a huge concern for banks and companies. As a result, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) asked the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA), which includes the South African Banks, to find a solution. That is why, in 2017, the industry will be launching DebiCheck. Implementation will be carried out over a period of more than 2 years, which means that participating companies will start using DebiCheck over this period. Not all companies will start using DebiCheck at the same time; it will be phased in over a period of time to ensure that the system remains stable.

  • What are the benefits to me, the User?

    If you are a User wanting to collect money in the Early Processing Window, you will be required to participate in the new system. Being a DebiCheck User means that you will have the benefit of receiving confirmation that mandates, already authorised by your customer, are being stored by his / her bank. This will result in less disputes with “no authority to debit” and provide you with improved protection against consumers abusing the system for cash management purposes. The new system will also provide the opportunity to introduce a non-face-to-face facility for authentication and thus improve flexibility as compared to the current Authenticated Early Debit Orders (AEDO) option.

  • What do I have to do from a technology perspective? What actions are required to implement DebiCheck?

    Any User who wants to make use of the DebiCheck system as a collection method will have to engage with their sponsoring bank to obtain the User specifications. These specifications must be used to develop the processes and connectivity to be able to utilise some or all of the available authentication methods, submit payment files for processing, receive response files and effect amendments to the mandated details stored at the consumer’s bank. There are also System Operators who can assist to make the transition painless – please check with your bank. Depending on your type of business, authentication technologies and processes are available for face-to-face and / or remote interaction, and batch or real-time processing.

  • How much will this cost me?

    There will be internal development cost to implement the new system and processes, which you will have to calculate and manage based on the specifications supplied by your sponsoring bank. For costing between your company and your bank and / or System Operator (if applicable), you will have to consult with the relevant entity.

  • Is it mandatory to participate?

    If you want to collect in the Early Processing Window, you will have to participate as a DebiCheck User. Alternatively, you may choose to do your collections in the normal EFT debit order run.

  • How do I register to become part of DebiCheck?

    Contact your sponsoring bank to register for the DebiCheck service. If you currently process Authenticated Early Debit Orders (AEDO) or Non-Authenticated Early Debit Orders (NAEDO) transactions, do not assume that you will automatically have access to the DebiCheck system. The banks may apply different criteria. Check with your corporate banker.

  • Will I receive technical support?

    Different Users will require different levels of technical support. Your bank will supply the specifications, but if your IT department needs help, there are a number of System Operators who are geared to assist at your required skill level. Your bank will have a list of preferred System Operators and Third Party Payment Providers, or you may reference the Payment Association of South PASA website (www.pasa.org.za) for a list of authorised System Operators.

  • How will we be relaying the messages publically to support consumer education?

    The industry has created a DebiCheck Toolkit. The toolkit includes standard messages that both banks and Users should use when communicating to consumers. There is also pre-designed (yet customisable) material, such as posters, flyers, e-mailers and brochures, available. Banks will create internal marketing and educational material for the benefit of their customers. Using the scripts and pre-designed artefacts, you may also create your own material, within the boundaries of the industry toolkit. You can contact your User association or your sponsoring bank for the material.

  • What support and rights do I have?

    As a User, you have the support of your sponsoring bank and System Operator, if applicable. If you have any additional questions that you cannot find answers to in the available correspondence, your first point of contact should be your sponsoring bank. You have the right to participate in the new DebiCheck system if you implement the changes and meet the requirements and rules for participation.

  • As a User, how do I manage education and value to my customers?

    Discuss your marketing ideas with your bank and get approval for the message you want to communicate – especially in the initial stages where there may be uncertainty and conflicting information. All communication must consider the industry DebiCheck communication guidelines.

  • Is there a platform that I can capture or integrate with? Or do I need to develop my own?

    Your Bank will provide the specifications and description of the process, but generally you will have to incorporate the changes into your own systems. Users who currently make use of systems supplied by System Operators or Third Party Payment Providers will receive updates from these entities in due course.

  • Is there a way of simplifying this process while still being compliant?

    Right now, unfortunately not. The industry needs to implement and run the system for a few months to see what works well and where improvement is required. Once there is a better understanding, there may be changes introduced to simplify the process, if needed.

  • What will happen to Authenticated Early Debit Orders (AEDO) and Non-Authenticated Early Debit Orders (NAEDO) once DebiCheck is introduced?

    AEDO and NAEDO will continue to run, but will be phased out over time. No new AEDO or NAEDO mandates will be allowed after 31 January 2019 and from 1 November 2019, only DebiCheck debit orders will be allowed for processing in the early processing window. For more information regarding the project approach and timelines, speak to your sponsoring bank or your User association.

  • What happens if my company is not ready to move across onto the new system? Can my company continue to use Non-Authenticated Early Debit Orders (NAEDO) for collections?

    Yes, but only for a limited time. Users will be on-boarded over a period of two and a half years, starting with the pilot phase in July 2017. For more specific information regarding timelines for your company, please contact your sponsoring bank.